• Building a High-Performing and Scalable Analytics Strategy

    * Manisha Singh - VP Employee Experience, Analytics & Digital HR, AstraZeneca

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    In People Analytics functions, we are already working overtime to satisfy the ever-growing demand for more reports, dashboards, and insights to enable ...

  • Culture Analytics to support Talent and Business Strategy during M&A

    * Michaela Abao-Viray, Senior Analyst, People Analytics, Equinix
    * Aditya Maharaja - Senior Analyst, People Analytics, Equinix

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    Mergers and acquisitions are a popular strategic choice for companies’ growth and expansion. However, it ha...

  • Announcing a New People Analytics Operating Model for the Digital Era – DEPA:OM

    * Max Blumberg- Founder, Blumberg Partnership

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    This session presents a new Digital-Era People Analytics Operating Model (otherwise referred to as DEPA:OM) to address limitations commonly found in the People Analytics operating mod...

  • Adoption is the new Orange for People Analytics

    * Federico Barcos - Founder & CEO, PeopleOPTI

    The word 'transformation' has been widely used in recent years, yet companies, as well as HR Departments, have been struggling to materialize it at a global level. People Analytics has shifted from a trend to become a real net contributor for organiz...