Diversity and Retention in the New World of Work

Diversity and Retention in the New World of Work

14 excellent presentations and panel exploring how we can measure and improve in creating a diverse workforce, and retaining your key people during the Great Resignation and beyond.

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Diversity and Retention in the New World of Work
  • Driving a Diversity & Inclusion Agenda through Data

    * Amit Chowdhary - SVP, BNY Mellon

    Watch a preview here: https://vimeo.com/tucanaglobal/achowdhary

    D&I is a critical topic for all organizations today. This topic focuses on how data and analytics can help enterprises further their diversity agenda, especially in a corporate world that is e...

  • Data-Driven Equity: How to Measure and Derive Insights to Influence DEI

    * Hallie Bregman - Global Head of People Analytics, PTC

    Watch a preview here: https://vimeo.com/tucanaglobal/halliebregman

    With the rise in visibility of racial injustice and the calling to build inclusive and equitable workplaces, there is more focus than ever on diversity. Yet, many organizat...

  • Analysing and Demonstrating the Value of Neuro-Diversity

    * Rajesh Anandan - CEO, Ultranauts
    * Chris Broderick - President, b.Near Global

    Watch a preview here: https://vimeo.com/tucanaglobal/rajeshanandan

    While recent research shows that 76% of companies lack goals around diversity, inclusion, and belonging, Ultranauts, a quality engineering services ...

  • Pre-Hire Talent Assessment

    * Vanessa Lammers - Executive Director, Global Workforce Analytics, Estée Lauder Companies

    Watch a preview here: https://vimeo.com/tucanaglobal/vanessalammers

    This presentation will review the many places that bias can creep into the talent assessment and selection process, and ways in which or...

  • Approaching Gender Pay Equality through Analytics

    * Catriona Lindsay - Global Head of HR Analytics, Avon
    * Márcio Buck - Group C&B Insights, Analytics & STI Plan Management, Natura &Co

    Watch a preview here: https://vimeo.com/tucanaglobal/catrionalindsay

    This session covers the important topic of Equitable Pay - and describes the wo...

  • Optimising Network Diversity during Remote Working

    * Antony Ebelle-ebanda - Digital Surgery Integration Lead & Talent Insights, Johnson & Johnson
    * Courtney McMahon - Director, Global Head of People Analytics, Colgate Palmolive
    * Bennet Voorhees - Associate Director, Data Science, Workforce Analytics, Merck
    * Brian Wiemhoff - Global HR An...

  • The Value of People Analytics in Improving DEI: Research and Use Cases

    * Lexy Martin - Principal Research, Visier

    Lexy shares highlights from many years of research on the use of people analytics and the value achieved, focussing on improving diversity, equity and inclusion.

    From digging into aggregate data, she will share how people analytics is improving female...

  • Inclusive, High-Performance Dashboard Design Principles

    * Teneika Askew, former Head of People Analytics, Mozilla

    When designing a dashboard, are you prioritising accessibility and performance, or aesthetics?

    Teneika will lead a practical session that explores and explains design principles that will help you create high-performing dashboards that a...

  • Ask, Align, Act: A Proactive Problem-Solving Framework

    * Caitlin Bigsby - Director Product Marketing, Visier
    * Mike Everitt - Senior Solutions Consultant, Visier

    There is no shortage of ideas to drive organizational change, but what will really move the needle?

    This is where a proactive problem-solving framework can help!

    With the Ask, Align, Act ...

  • Business Answers at Scale - How to Unlock Your People Analytics Ecosystem

    * Ian Cook - VP People Analytics, Visier

    - People analytics teams now live in a complex ecosystem of people technology
    - The people manager is becoming the primary target user
    - People analytics outputs must demonstrate impact on business outcomes

    People are the foremost concern of every bu...

  • Driving Enterprise Diversity: From Strategic Plans to Guided Planning

  • Stop the Exit: Improving Enterprise Talent Retention

  • Accelerating Diversity and Tackling the Resignation Wave

  • Maturing on Diversity Measurement: From Foundational Metrics to Modelling Goals