• People Analytics Solution: Making the Case of Buy vs Build

    Every organisation is doing people analytics to some degree and with varying levels of success. Most start with Excel and progressively layer on other technologies to aid in visualisation and delivery. Then, they hit the wall. They need more time, more resources, more technology to meet the growi...

  • Cost Savings: Five People Analytics Use Cases

    This session will explore:

    - Delayering 
    - SG&A Analysis 
    - Decreasing expenses 
    - Workforce Planning: Automation 
    - Talent Retention 

    Learning outcomes: 

    - How to identify areas of cost-saving opportunity
    - How to use your existing data to get powerful insights, and tell meaningful change sto...

  • 3 Ways to Drive Business Impact at Scale Today in the Era of the Employee

    People data and analytics has never been a more strategic asset for businesses. The massive upheavals of 2020 and 2021 made it clear that the most successful businesses are the ones that can maximise the potential of their people.

    In this session, Mike Everitt, Principal Solution Consultant at V...

  • Building a Best-In-Breed Analytics Ecosystem

    * David Barnett - former COO & CCO, cut-e (later AON Assessment Solutions)
    * Bennet Voorhees - Associate Director, Data Science, Workforce Analytics, Merck
    * Anita Lettink - Founder, HR Tech Radar

  • The Art and Science of People Analytics Adoption

    * Dirk Jonker - Founder & CEO, Crunchr Analytics

    It’s an inconvenient truth to most leadership teams: you launch a workforce dashboard, deploy an analytics solution, provide training and hope that everyone uses it. You are anxiously looking at the usage statistics and realise that the excitement...

  • SWP: Translating Business Strategy to People Strategy

    * Mikael Wornoo - Founder & COO, TechWolf

    - When does strategic workforce planning actually become strategic?
    - How can we move it beyond simple headcount planning?
    - How can a business strategy be translated to people strategy beyond fire and hire, and how does technology enable this process?...

  • Horsefly Talent Market Analytics

    * Mike Basnett Sandiford - Head of Partnerships, Horsefly

  • From Employee Data to Skills Data: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

    * Mikaël Wornoo - Founder & COO, TechWolf

  • People Analytics Technology: Under The Spotlight

    * Priyanka Mehrotra - Research Lead, RedThread Research

    Watch a preview here:

    The year 2020 provided people analytics technology (PAT) with an unexpected opportunity to show its value.

    In this presentation, Priyanka Mehrotra will cover the resear...

  • People Analytics: Future-Proof Strategies in an Uncertain Market

    * Marc Ramos - CMO, SplashBI
    * Steven Atkins - Solutions Enablement Manager, SplashBI

    People Analytics is certainly one of the hottest topics up & down the halls of many HR departments. And justifiably so, with all the challenges HR & Executives are currently facing. As we enter 2021, we are in ...

  • New Metrics for Remote/Hybrid Work

    * Philip Arkcoll - Founder, Worklytics

    As organisations move toward more hybrid and fully remote ways of working they need to rethink the core data and metrics they are using to support key people decisions. The old tools and data such as survey results are no longer sufficient to provide the le...

  • Navigating Uncertainty - Leveraging Dynamic Scenarios in SWP

    * Alicia Roach & Chris Hare - Founders, eQ8

    eQ8 will present the power of leadership considering different scenarios when contemplating the future. The selection of the right workforce demand scenario not only helps with action planning, but also with leadership clarity on the company strategy.

  • Making HR Data-Driven: The T-Shaped HR Professional

    * Erik van Vulpen - Founder, Academy to Innovate HR

    The success of your PA function doesn't end with the PA team. An organisation-wide data-driven capability is quintessential. So, where to start building that competency in individual HRBPs? This session helps you understand your status-quo and ...

  • Capability-Building and AI Solutions

    * Orla Berkery - Director of Leadership, Development and Talent Solutions, HR Tech Partnership

    A hybrid workplace is here to stay. This means many of the traditional people management processes eg coaching, mentoring, upskilling cannot be done face to face. Many may be wondering where the link w...

  • Defining the Future of Jobs and Skills

    * Matt Sigelman - CEO, Burning Glass Technologies

    Join Burning Glass Technologies CEO Matt Sigelman as he discusses data and the future of hiring at People Analytics World. During this presentation, Defining the Future of Jobs and Skills, he will discuss the changing genome of jobs and the shift...

  • Business Answers at Scale - How to Unlock Your People Analytics Ecosystem

    * Ian Cook - VP People Analytics, Visier

    - People analytics teams now live in a complex ecosystem of people technology
    - The people manager is becoming the primary target user
    - People analytics outputs must demonstrate impact on business outcomes

    People are the foremost concern of every bu...

  • Bring your People Data to Life

    * Phil Schrader - Product Evangelist, OneModel

  • Blockchain and the Decentralised Workforce

    * Andy Spence - Workforce Futurist, Glass Bead Consulting

    Watch a preview here:

    This session will describe how an increasingly decentralised workforce will utilise digital infrastructure to achieve their economic potential outside of traditional emplo...

  • Activating the Power of Your Employees with Continuous Understanding & Response

    * Melissa Arronte - Employee Experience Solutions Principal, Medallia

    How do you focus on a continuous response model and create a robust understanding of the employee perspective? Medallia's Employee Experience Solutions Principal, Melissa Arronte, PhD. unpacks this for us at People Analytics W...