• Our Journey of Transformation and Digitalisation

  • The DEI Debacle: Trying to Do It All Is Ineffectual

    In no other American corporate construct do we tend to celebrate effort over impact like in the context of DEI.

    Diversity, as a commitment vs compliance undertaking, hit the Fortune 500 stage in the early 1990s. Thereafter, around 2012, Inclusion entered the scene. Between 2012 and early 2020, m...

  • People Analytics as a Foundation for Corporate Analytics

    We have been on a journey for nearly 2 ½ years, building out our People Analytics infrastructure and technology foundation for democratising data and analytics to HR. As well as HR, we have also partnered with other corporate functions (e.g. Facilities, Business Continuity, IT).

    Covid-19 greatly...

  • Building a Winning People Analytics Practice

    People analytics transforms organisations. From recruiting to retention, people data touches every aspect of the employee lifecycle, and organisations that tune into it can save money, increase diversity, and hold onto their most valuable employees. 

    But most organisations are leaving insights o...

  • So What? Driving Impact with People Analytics

    Good People Analytics teams surface insights. Great teams deliver outcomes through the actions of their clients. The difference is rarely the analysis itself; it's often preparing stakeholders for what they'll do next, and making specific next steps as concrete as possible. Three examples show th...

  • Transitioning to a Skills-Based Organization

    In today’s hypercompetitive market for talent, understanding the skills that will allow us to execute on our business strategies is becoming more important than ever. Learn how Caterpillar have rebuilt as a skills-based organisation to embrace the new realities of work, and how they measure succe...

  • Continuous Listening for Hybrid Working and RTO

    Continuous Listening for Hybrid Working

    While many employees are returning to the office, many more remain as hybrid or remote workers. This diverse model presents a challenge for gauging employee sentiment, whether through active surveys or passive monitoring. How do you create a system that is...

  • Building a Contemporary Technological Infrastructure

    Since 2021, Roche has made a significant investment in the area of People Insights, designing and implementing a state of the art technology infrastructure, a fundamental building block of analytics. Our fundamental goal is to provide game-changing people insights that are easy to engage with ahe...

  • Driving People Sustainability with Analytics

    People analytics - including human capital reporting, advanced analytics and business cases - is a core enabler and driver of people sustainability. The presentation outlines the journey of Fresenius Medical Care from a decentralised organisation to a more integrated HR organisation, delivering o...

  • People Analytics and the Data-Driven Work Culture

    Empowering HR and the business to be more "data-driven" when making workforce and people decisions.

    This session will explore:

    - What it means to be data-driven
    - Challenges in becoming data driven
    - Five ways to effectively leverage people data to take you to the next level
    - Planning for acti...

  • Achieving People Analytics Adoption

    If you build it, will they come?

    Achieving adoption of People Analytics at scale: What do you really need for your data insights to drive meaningful change?

    So you’ve built (or bought) your People Analytics solution - now what?

    How do you get the insights to hands of HRBPs, Line Managers, Busi...

  • Accelerating Transformation Progress Through Behaviours That Drive Performance

    Culture and behaviour trump strategy every time, no matter how brilliant the transformation plan. Despite the widespread recognition of this fact, few organisations invest time in carefully defining, prioritising and tracking the critical shifts in behaviour required to accelerate transformation ...

  • Breaking Down the Barriers between People Analytics and HR Business Partners

    Vicky Joynes and Steve Scott have developed a new approach to building a data driven HR culture at Standard Chartered that is grounded in partnership and a genuine appreciation of the challenges and opportunities that each are grappling with. This session will provide an overview of this approach...

  • People Analytics in 2022: Creating Value for Employees and the Business

    People analytics is not about HR. People analytics is about the business. It is about delivering commercial value, value to employees and the workforce, and value to executives so they can make people-related decisions based on facts. In leading organisations, people analytics has contributed $10...

  • Productising People Analytics at Global Scale

    The productisation of People Analytics is the next horizon for HR, whichever industry it operates in. Ian O'Keefe, who leads People Analytics globally at Amazon, will show how People Analytics is embedded throughout the entire corporate structure, working backwards from customers, working with da...

  • Be Bold When Launching People Analytics

    Starting an organisation on an analytics maturity journey has long been viewed as a daunting task. But, following years of technology change and advancement, and the laser focus the last 2 years have given business leaders on the need to make data-driven decisions about people and business outcom...

  • Driving a Diversity & Inclusion Agenda through Data

    * Amit Chowdhary - SVP, BNY Mellon

    Watch a preview here:

    D&I is a critical topic for all organizations today. This topic focuses on how data and analytics can help enterprises further their diversity agenda, especially in a corporate world that is evolv...

  • Cultivating Data Literacy and an Analytics Mindset in a Remote/Hybrid Workforce

    * Rachel Duarte - Director HR Insights & Analytics, Thermo Fisher Scientific
    * Courtney McMahon - Director, Global Head of People Analytics, Colgate Palmolive
    * Sarah Nell-Rodriquez - Principal High Touch Success Manager, Tableau
    * Christian Otto - Senior Manager People Analytics, Infineon Techno...

  • What Makes High-Performing Analytics Leaders and Teams?

    * Khurshid Asin - VP HR, Keybank
    * Ian Cook - VP People Analytics, Visier
    * Oliver Kasper - Global Head People Analytics and Digital HR, ABB
    * Steve Scott - Managing Director, Global Head of Workforce Management and Analytics, Standard Chartered
    * Moderator: David Green - Managing Partner, Insigh...

  • Building Analytics Communities and Networks

    * Delia Majarín - Head of Engagement and People Analytics Community Lead, Telefónica; co-manager, People Analytics Spain Meetup

    * Eva Murray - Senior Evangelist, Snowflake; Author & Founder, #MakeoverMonday

    * Neil Richards - Head of BI EMEA, JLL; Knowledge Director, Data Visualization Society


  • How to Deliver Value for the Business and the Workforce with People Analytics

    * David Green - Managing Partner, Insight222

    - Current and emerging trends in people analytics
    - Case studies and leading practices from global organisations
    - How to create business and employee value from people analytics

    People Analytics is not about HR. People Analytics is about the busines...

  • Using Data and Design Thinking to Shape Hybrid Working

    * George Colvin - Senior Manager, People Services, Systems & Insights, REA Group

    Watch a preview here:

    In this session, I discuss how REA Group used data, insights and design thinking to understand, test and implement new ways of working in our workpl...

  • Unlocking Strategic Value with a Data Science Product Strategy

    * Geetanjali Gamel - Senior Director, Global Workforce Analytics, Johnson & Johnson

    Watch a preview here:

    Demystify how data science can be leveraged and provide impactful outcomes with tangible examples

    Share how a purposeful productization strat...

  • Transitioning to an Agile Organisation from an Analytics Perspective

    * Jacob Jeppesen - Product Manager: Analytics, AI & HR Technology, Novo Nordisk

    Watch a preview here:

    Originally developed for software development, agile approaches are increasingly adopted by organisation that seek flexibility in the face of rapid ...