• HR Analytics Translator - How to Manage People Based on Data?

    In a 2018 publication in Harvard Business Review, McKinsey introduced the role of Analytics Translator. The Analytics Translator bridges the gap between data expertise on the one hand and business expertise on the other hand. According to McKinsey, organisations now recognise that the success of ...

  • Starting a Caree in People Analytics

  • Really Understanding Employee Feedback

    This session will address how to use large volumes of open-text data, for example the answers of a text question in an employee survey to identify issues, potential solutions and where to focus action. We'll start with an overview of best-practice approaches developed for 'small data' solutions a...

  • An Introduction to Python Data Analysis with Pandas

    Skills in data manipulation and analysis are becoming more mainstream and more in-demand across all areas of business, and HR is no exception. You don't need to be a data scientist to work with data, but to have more meaningful and productive conversations with your analysts, you need to understa...

  • Predictive Analytics: Transforming HR Data into Future Performance Insights

    Predictive analytics is a powerful tool to generate insights on future outcomes like employee performance with a significant degree of precision. Organisations increasingly leverage this to detect risks and opportunities and inform targeted interventions. However, the lack of capability in implem...

  • ONA: Where Did it Come From, and What Should I Do With It?

    Organisational network analysis (ONA) is used to map employee work relationships and communication patterns. ONA has been around for more than 50 years, but thanks to developments in technology, new ways of working, and the realisation by many leaders that people - and more importantly, relations...

  • Finding the Hidden Patterns in Gender Pay Gap Data

    How can HR professionals leverage data to find hidden patterns in the gender pay gap without being data scientists? This case study demonstrates how HR professionals' analytical mindset is changing, and how they can work with data scientists to move beyond simple metrics to develop impactful peop...

  • Systems Theory in People Analytics: Embrace the Complexity

    An overview of how concepts of systems theory can help people analytics and other HR professionals make the right decisions and navigate through complex problems.

    Systems theory is at the core of effective problem solving and knowledge of some of its key concepts is vital for all HR professional...

  • Really Understanding Employee Feedback

    This session will address how to use large volumes of open-text data, for example the answers of a text question in an employee survey to identify issues, potential solutions and where to focus action. We'll start with an overview of best-practice approaches developed for 'small data' solutions a...

  • Beyond Headcount & Metrics: Stories The People Data Told

    Tell your people stories to demonstrate the readiness of your company for uncertainties and unforeseen events.

    With the global events of the past couple of years, and the shift in SEC Human Capital Disclosure requirements, people analytics had gained a seat in the boardroom. Traditional headcoun...

  • Influencing Leaders through Analytics: Successes and Failures

    Influencing is the 'last mile' in analytics work.

    For the most part, the output of a people analytics team is designed to influence others to make better decisions. We've all had moments of success in influencing leaders with analytics, and our share of failures.
    This session will decode what m...

  • Storytelling: The Missing Link for Many People Analytics Teams

    * Peter Howes - Founder, Infohrm; former VP Workforce Planning & Analytics, SAP SuccessFactors

    Watch a preview here:

    The session will explore options for the presentation and communication of People Analytics. Many People Analytic teams think of their j...

  • Communicating with Data Visualisation

    * Tobias Sturt - Creative Director, Add Two Digital

    A brief guide to communicating with an audience about data through shaping and showing visual stories. Introducing a fundamental process and outlining practical approaches and techniques.

    Communicating with and through data visualisation is a ...

  • Using People Analytics to Tell a Story and Build a Business Case

    * Heather Whiteman - People Analytics Lecturer, University of California

    Watch a preview here:

    Wondering how you can build a business case and drive action in your organisation through People Analytics?

    In this session, you'll get insights into h...

  • The People Analytics Mindset

    * Christian Otto - Senior Manager People Analytics, Infineon Technologies

    Watch a preview here:

    People Analytics is not so much a software tool or a function within HR, rather it is a specific mindset: the mindset of deriving people decisions in an a...

  • Systems Thinking in People Analytics - a Vital Skill

    * Andreas Kyprianou - GLobal Head of Reporting & Analytics CoE, Upfield

    Watch a preview here:

    Systems thinking has been called one of the key management competencies for the 21st century. As people analytics matures and becomes a core HR capabilit...

  • What is Text Analytics, and What can you Do with it?

    * Andrew Marritt - Founder & CEO, OrganizationView

    Watch a preview here:

    Having the ability to analyse text provides HR the ability to gain deeper insight into their workforces and make more effective decisions.

    Text is one of the most important dat...

  • Communication Matters - What HR can Learn from Sports Journalism

    * Ben Teusch - People Analytics Business Partner, Facebook

    Watch a preview here:

    Insights and predictions, however robust and useful, must be presented in a way that makes sense for the audience, connects with them, and leads them to take action. If the ...

  • Our End-to-End Dashboard Design Process

    * Harry Metcalf - Global People Analytics Specialist, Nestlé

    Watch a preview here:

    I'm going to share our experience at Nestle of Business Intelligence dashboards within HR. This will be a conceptual, non-technical look at how and why we build dashboa...

  • Measuring Relationships and Impact Using People Analytics

    * Adam McKinnon - People Data and Analytics Lead, Reece Group

    Watch a preview here:

    A series of case studies demonstrating the use of people analytics to understand relationships and quantify impact in HR settings.

    - A practical demonstration of the ...

  • Inclusive, High-Performance Dashboard Design Principles

    * Teneika Askew, former Head of People Analytics, Mozilla

    When designing a dashboard, are you prioritising accessibility and performance, or aesthetics?

    Teneika will lead a practical session that explores and explains design principles that will help you create high-performing dashboards that a...

  • Effective Data Visualisation in Excel

    * Jonathon Schwabish - Founder, PolicyViz

    Watch a preview here:

    Everyone who works with data needs to communicate their findings, their analysis, and their conclusions. It could be in an internal briefing or memo, a management report, an annual report...

  • Programar en R en RRHH

    * Sergio Garcia Mora, Data 4HR

    R es uno de los lenguajes más usados en el mundo de Ciencia de Datos y habitualmente se lo asocia a conceptos de machine learning, algoritmos y análisis estadístico, sin embargo, también ofrece muchas soluciones para la práctica de Recursos Humanos, como la automat...

  • Coding in R for HR

    * Sergio García Mora, Data 4HR

    Watch a preview here:

    R is one of the most popular languages in Data Science, and typically associated with machine learning concepts, algorithms, and statistical analysis. However, R offers multiple solutions to the...